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About BDS Supply Inc

Over 25 years experience in industry

BDS Supply Inc. opened for business in Saskatoon SK in 2013. Owner Brad Stewart was always passionate about a clean vehicle. Ask his high school buddies from Regina. They were not surprised to see this passion turn into a business. BDS Supply is an exclusive Saskatchewan distributor for Car Brite and Auto Magic. Next time you need to don your sunglasses to admire a shiny vehicle. Brad just might have played a role in its appearance.

Exterior Care

cleaning auto lights
A vehicle that looks great on the outside makes you feel great on the inside. Clean vehicles seem to have magic or Auto Magic powers. They can put a smile on your face and bounce in your step. BDS Supply carries everything to protect and restore the exterior of your vehicle.

Interior Care

steam cleaning cloth seats
The interior isn’t where the rubber meets the road. It is where you meet the joy of operating your pristine vehicle. While other drivers admire the outside, you can feel like royalty on the inside. If you long for that new car smell, we can restore it. Along with a spotless dash, doors, seats, and floors.

Ceramic Coatings

ceramic coatings
Ceramic products enhance and protect the exterior finish of your vehicle. Clear coat is generally used to protect the paint finish on vehicles. Ceramic adds an additional layer of protection on top of the clear coat. Ceramic coatings can be like your defensive line to protect the paint.

Wash Bay Supplies

wash bay supplies
You need the right tools to perform the task correctly. If you are washing or detailing a vehicle the customer won’t supply the soap and chamois. BDS Supply has every supply that your wash bay requires. Brad tests most of his products himself. He won’t sell you inferior products that don’t work.


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