Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a little like the cellophane window of a birthday cake box. They help to protect the icing on the cake or your vehicle’s paint. They do perform a little differently. Ceramic coatings are applied directly to the vehicle’s paint or clear coat. The coatings assist in protecting the paint. They add scratch resistance and keep vehicles cleaner. Appearance enhancement and superior results from frequent vehicle washes.

BDS Supply Inc. carries ceramic coatings from G Technique, Car Brite and Auto Magic. From Car Brite we carry the Black Pearl Ceramic Si02 Coating Kit. The kit provides protection for up to 5 years. We also carry Ceramic Magic by Auto Magic that will last up to 1 year.

Ceramic coatings are generally considered to be hydrophobic. That means they repel water. Water beds up on the surface and runs off instead of pooling on the surface. They also do not create a static electric field. This helps in repelling dust from building up. Less dust on your vehicle means a cleaner vehicle.

window ceramic coatings

Clean shiny vehicles

To recap, ceramic coatings are ideal for drivers that love clean shiny vehicles. Drivers that like to wash their vehicles but want great results with minimal effort. The look of a great wax job but with more durability.

Ceramic coatings are not the best choice for every vehicle, but they are for lots of vehicles. If you provide this service through your shop, we need to talk.

waxed painted surface